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5 Reasons to use Mobile Apps for Field Inspections

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1- Safety comes first

Safety inspections are some of the most critical, but often the most ignored processes done in the field. To keep your workers safe without consuming valuable time performing ineffective and slow paper-based inspections, be sure your safety inspection process is thorough and actionable. With an inspection app at hand, everyone wins due to that it ensures job sites and equipment are safe while freeing technicians to perform other duties since inspections are now much faster and more convenient.

2- Consistency

Preserving consistency across inspections can be a real hassle without standard forms and procedures. With a mobile app, businesses can utilise standard forms for several kinds of inspections to guarantee uniformity across the board. Consistent forms and steps are remarkably beneficial for organisations with technicians of differing ages and levels of experience; it mandates a standard process across.

3- Quality

With standard forms and guided steps, managers can rely on high-quality inspections because consistency will produce quality through standardised reporting. Photo taking, video, GPS, checklists and signature capabilities allow technicians to capture a comprehensive analysis and assemble more thorough and reliable information. Organisations also spend less time on poor-performing manual entry of paper inspections and focus on the quality of work, with the photos and data to back it up. Managers can refer back to reports measuring the quality of Inspections, which is performed thousands of times per year and use those reports to identify trends and extract critical data.

4- Speed

Mobile inspection software allows you to perform better inspections in less time by saving your team from the piles of paper-based inspections. Instead of printing forms, driving back to the central office to pick them up, and entering data, technicians can access standard forms on their mobile devices, complete an inspection, and send it to the back office instantly across the company. With an inspection app, companies can speed not only the time it takes to conduct the inspection but the time it takes to act on the information, in effect speeding up the ability to make crucial business decisions and improve operations in general.

5- Compliance

Companies performing inspections often have to comply with internal policies and procedures or external regulatory standards. Mobile apps make that part easy with preconfigured forms that don’t let you finish an inspection until it’s clear you’ve included everything you need to comply.