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7 Elements of a Great Company Culture

Build these things into your culture and your rock star talent will take you to the top 1. If you want to be trusted, you must trust. A culture of trust is imperative, especially if you’re employing millennials. If you behave like a helicopter parent, overseeing, or worse, taking over every project, it will directly […]
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CRM’s Critical Role in Successful Digital Transformation

March 2, 2020 By Barton Goldenberg, president, ISM It’s no surprise most companies struggle with their digital transformation efforts. Eighty-five percent of all digital transformation initiatives fail to deliver the expected results. Having completed many digital transformation assessments for ISM’s global clients, I’m confident of this: A sound CRM strategy and implementation must be at the […]
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Your Customers want authentic connections. Is your CRM strategy creating them?

ACCORDING to Robin Dunbar, a professor of evolutionary psychology at Oxford, humans cannot maintain more than 150 friendships, and five close friendships, at any given time. The problem lies with the hardwired limitations of brain size, attention span, and the amount of time needed to nurture close relationships (particularly in the middle of a pandemic). Using phone data from 35 million users […]
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