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City Property


Project details:

City Property is a management agent with a vision to bring new life into cities through urban renewal. They create living, working, shopping and leisure spaces that are customer-centric by building upmarket, cosmopolitan and sophisticated properties.

They are constantly introducing new initiatives to  reignite consumer interest in inner city areas. It is hoped that these revivals  in turn will boost social cohesion and attract people from all walks of life to share living and working space. By re-establishing the CBD’s of Gauteng, our cities will become increasingly viable and desirable locations for business, accommodation and leisure. 

As part of the mission, City Property needed a solution that facilitated a variety of inspections at their premises.  These ranged from in/out inspections, building inspections, maintenance quotes and visitor access.

The built-in logic of the RoadWarrior app combined with the backend workflow allows City Property to :

  • Reduce repeat visits to tenants
  • Speed up settlement on exit inspections (thereby improving cash flow)
  • Resolve maintenance queries in a single visit
  • Determine patterns of use or abuse within the portfolio
  • be proactive in some of the facilities they are legally obliged to provide



Project info:

  • City Properties
  • Pretoria/Tshwane
  • Letting
  • Inspections